2011 Issues

2011/1 ISSUE
2011/1, From World Mission to Inter-Religious Witness- Felix Wilfred, Solange Lefebvre, Norbert Hintersteiner, Linda Hogan
2011/2 ISSUE
2011/2, Being Christian -Silvia Scatena, Andres Torres, Luiz Carlos Susin, Felix Wilfred
2011/3 ISSUE
2011/3 HumanTrafficking - Hille Haker, Lisa Cahill, Elaine Wainwright.
2011/4 ISSUE
2011/4 Lord and Life Giver: Reflections on the Spirit Today - Diego Irarrazaval, Paul Murray, Maria Clara Bingemer
2011/5 ISSUE
2011/5 Economy and Religion - Luis Carlos Susin, Erik Borgman.

2012 Issues

2012/1 ISSUE
2012/1 Sacramentalizing Human History-Erik Borgman, Paul Murray, Andres Torres Queiruga.

2012/2 ISSUE
2012/2 Theology and Magisterium- Susan Ross, Felix Wilfred
2012/3 ISSUE
2012/3 Vatican II - Silvia Scatena, Jon Sobrino, Dennis Gira, Maria Clara Bingemer
2012/4 ISSUE
2012/4 Gender and Theology - Lisa Cahill, Elaine Wainwright, Diego Irarrazaval.
2012/5 ISSUE
2012/5 Water- Solange Lefebvre, Marie-Theres Wacker, Elaine Wainwright

2010 Issues
2010/1 Ministries in the Church Edited by Susan Ross, Maria Clara Bingemer
and Paul Murray
2010/2 The Bible as Word of God. Edited by Dennis Gira, D. Irarrazaval and
M. Th. Wacker
2010/3Human Nature and Natural Law.
Edited by L. Cahill, H. Haker and Eloi Messi Metogo
2010/4 Atheists of What God? Edited by S.Lefebvre, Andres Torres
Queiruga and Maria-Clara Bingemer
2010/5 Oceania and Indigenous Theologies. Edited by E. Wainwright, D.
Irarrazaval and Dennis Gira

2011 Issues
2009/1 Evil Today and Struggles to be Human
Edited by R. Ammicht Quinn, D. Irarrazaval, M. Th. Wacker, F. Wilfred
2009/2 Which Religious Heritages for the Future?
Edited by E. Borgman, S. Scatena, L.C. Susin
2009/3 Ecotheology - Edited by L.C. Susin, E. Wainwright, F. Wilfred
2009/4 Monotheism: Divinity and Unity Reconsidered
Edited by Erik Borgman, Maria Clara Bingemer and Andrés Torres Queiruga
2009/5 Fathers of the Church in Latin America Edited by Silvia Scatena, Jon
Sobrino and Luiz Carlos Susin