Luiz Carlos Susin, Brazil

Luiz Carlos Susin is professor of systematic theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and at the Higher School of Theology and Franciscan Spirituality, both in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is an ex-president of the Brazilian Society for Theology and Religious Studies, and secretary general of the World Forum for Theology and Liberation. His recent research has been into the relationship between theology and ecology. His publications include A Criação de Deus (2003); Deus, Pai, Filho e Espirito Santo; Jesus, Filho de Deus e Filho de Maria; Assim na terre como no céu, some published by Paulinas (São Paulo) and some by Vozes (Petrópolis).



Andres Torres Queiruga, Spain

Andres Torres Queiruga was born in 1940 and holds doctorates in philosophy from the University of Santiago de Compostela and in theology from the Gregorian in Rome. He taught fundamental theology at the Theological Institute in Santiago from 1968 to 1987 and is currently professor of philosophy of religion at the university there. He is editor of Encrucillada: Revista Galega de Pensamento Cristián, as well as being on the editorial board of Iglesia Viva, an advisor to Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, and a founding member of the Spanush Society for Sciences of Religion. His many published works include La Revelación de Dios en la realización del hombre (1977, translated into Italian, Portuguese and German), Creo en Dios Padre (5th ed.1998), Fin del cristianismo premoderno (2000), Repensar la resurrección (2003), Esperanza a pesar del mal (2005).



Joao J. Vila-Cha, Italy

Licentiate in Philosophy at Universida de Catolica Portuguesa (Braga, Portugal–1985) and Theology (Diplom Katholischer Theologie) at Hochschule Sankt Georgen (Frankfurt, Germany–1991); Doctorate in Philosophy at Boston College (Boston, Mass., USA–September 1998). Director and Administrator of the Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia (2000-2009); professor of History of Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Theological Philosophy at the School of Philosophy of the Universida de Católica Portuguesa (1998-2008); professor in the Master Program in Bioethics at the Catholic University of Portugal (2001-2006); Director of the Centro de Estudos Filosóficos (Center for Philosophical Studies) at the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga, Universida de Católica Portuguesa (2001-2007); Director of the Master and PhD Program in Philosophy of Religion at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universida de Católica Portuguesa (2005-2008); Chairman of JESPHIL–European Jesuits in Philosophy (2002-2008);
President of COMIUCAP-Conférence Mondiale des Institutions Universitaires Catholiques de Philosophie(since November of 2009); Professor of Social and Political Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome, Italy) since 2009.



Marie-Theres Wacker, Germany

Marie-Theres Wacker is Professor of Old Testament and Women's Studies in Theology in the faculty of Catholic Theology of Munster University, Germany. In recent years, she has concentrated her research on topics related to biblical monotheism and Hellenistic Judaism and gender issues in the monotheistic religions. In 2005 her institute held the first German-language symposium on approaches to Theological Masculinity Studies (the proceedings were published as /Mannsbilder. Kritische Männerforschung und theologische Frauenforschung im Gesprach, /Eds Marie-Theres Wacker & Stefanie Rieger-Goertz, 2006).


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