Board of Directors

President - Prof. Dr. Felix Wilfred , INDIA

Board ofDirector Felix Wilfred was born in Tamil Nadu, India in 1948. He is the President of the faculty of arts, and Chairman of The School of Philosophy and Religious thought, State University of Madras. He is also a member of the Statutory Ethical Committee of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He was a member of International Theological Commission of the Vatican. As visiting professor, he has taught at the Universities of Nijmegen, Munster, Frankfurt am Main, Boston College and Ateneo de Manila. His researches and field studies today cut across many disciplines in humanities and social sciences. His more recent publications in the field of Theology are "On the Banks of Ganges" (2002), "Asian Dreams and Christian Hope" (2003), "The Sling of Utopia: Struggles for a Different Society" (2005), and "Margins: Site of Asian Theologies (2008).



Thierry-Marie Courau, France

Board ofDirector Thierry-Marie Courau teaches Buddhism and theology of dialogue at Theologicum -Faculty of Theology and Religious studies of Institut catholique de Paris (Catholic University of Paris). He is Dean of Theologicum and president of COCTI - Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions, a subgroup of IFCU - International Federation of Catholic Universities. He is a Dominican, and is doctor in catholic theology from Strasbourg University. He also holds diplomas in engineering and management.

Daniel Franklin Pilario, Quezon City/The Philippines

Board of Editor Daniel Franklin Pilario is a professor and present Dean of the Saint Vincent School of Theology, Adamson University, Manila. He received his licentiate and doctorate in theology from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium in 1998 and 2002 respectively. His recently published book, Back to the Rough Grounds of Praxis: Exploring Theological Method with Pierre Bourdieu (Leuven, 2005) explores into the possibilities of contemporary theological methods beyond liberation theology and radical orthodoxy. His field of research covers fundamental theology, theological anthropology, inculturation, interreligious dialogue, grassroots organizing, theological methods and political-social theory. He is also a founding member and former president of DAKATEO (Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines).

Linda Hogan, Dublin/Ireland

Board of Editor Linda Hogan is Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer and Professor of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin.  Professor Hogan has degrees from the Pontifical University Maynooth and from Trinity College, Dublin, where she gained her Ph.D.   Her primary research interests lie in the fields of theological ethics, human rights and gender.  Amongst her recent publications are Keeping Faith with Human Rights Georgetown University Press, 2015, Feminist Catholic Theological Ethic: Conversations in the World Churches and Feminist Practice: Cross-cultural Conversations. Hogan teaches on a range of modules including Ethics in International Affairs; Human Rights in Theory and Practice; Gender, War and Peace and Ecumenical Social Ethics.  Previously she held the post of Lecturer in Gender, Ethics and Religion in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds.  She has served on the Editorial Boards of Feminist Theory; the Journal of Religious Ethics and the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics and Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  She has been a member of the Irish Council for Bioethics and has worked on a consultancy basis for NGOs and other national and international organizations. .